Superconducting Quantum Circuits
Group of Gerhard Kirchmair

Publications Christian SCHNEIDER



  • David Zöpfl, Mathieu L. Juan, Nicolas Diaz-Naufal, C. Schneider, L. Deeg, A. Sharafiev, Anja Metelmann, G. Kirchmair Kerr enhanced backaction cooling in magnetomechanics doi:10.48550/arXiv.2202.13228 (ID: 720816)


  • M. Zanner, T. Orell, C. Schneider, R. Albert, S. Oleschko, M. L. Juan, M. Silveri, G. Kirchmair Coherent control of a symmetry-engineered multi-qubit dark state in waveguide quantum electrodynamics Nature Phys. 18, (2022). (ID: 720659)



  • P. Heidler, C. Schneider, K. Kustura, C. Gonzalez-Ballestero, O. Romero-Isart, G. Kirchmair Non-Markovian Effects of Two-Level Systems in a Niobium Coaxial Resonator with a Single-Photon Lifetime of 10 ms Phys. Rev. Applied 16, 34024 (2021). (ID: 720630)
  • E. I. Rosenthal, C. Schneider, M. Malnou, Z. Zhao, F. Leditzky, B. J. Chapman, W. Wustmann, X. Ma, D. A. Palken, M. Zanner, L. R. Vale, G. C. Hilton, J. Gao, G. Smith, G. Kirchmair, K. Lehnert Efficient and low-backaction quantum measurement using a chip-scale detector Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 90503 (2021). (ID: 720580)


  • C. Schneider Magnetic coupling between superconducting circuits and a cantilever URL (ID: 720803)



  • D. Zöpfl, M. L. Juan, C. Schneider, G. Kirchmair Single-Photon Cooling in Microwave Magnetomechanics PRL 125, 23601 (2020). (ID: 720518)



  • C. Schneider Detecting the motion of a Micromechanical Oscillator using a DC-SQUID Frontiers of Circuit QED and Optomechanics (Klosterneuburg, 2018-02-12) URL , (2018). (ID: 719981)



  • D. Zöpfl, C. Schneider, P. R. Muppalla, S. Kasemann, S. Partel, G. Kirchmair Characterization of low loss microstrip resonators as a building block for circuit QED in a 3D waveguide AIP ADV 7, (2017). (ID: 719818)



  • C. Schneider Detecting the motion of a Micromechanical Oscillator using a SQUID SFB meeting Vienna (2016-12-15) , (2016). (ID: 719743)

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