Publications Josef SCHUPP



  • V. Krutianskii, M. R. Meraner, J. Schupp, V. Krcmarsky, H. Hainzer, B. P. Lanyon Light-matter entanglement over 50 km of optical fibre URL (ID: 720366)



  • V. Krutyanskiy, M. R. Meraner, J. Schupp, B. P. Lanyon Polarisation-preserving photon frequency conversion from a trapped-ion-compatible wavelength to the telecom C-band Appl. Phys. B Las. Opt. 123, 228 (2017). (ID: 719939)


  • V. Krutianskii, M. R. Meraner, J. Schupp, H. Hainzer, V. Krcmarsky Photon Frequency Convertor for Quantum Networks Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/Europe and the European Quantum Electronics Conference , (2017). (ID: 719824)

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