Introductory Course on Ultracold Quantum Gases

Series of Lectures

Speaker: Francesca Ferlaino, Mikhail Baranov, Rudolf Grimm, Onur Hosten, Bo Huang, Michael Knap, Manuele Landini, Rianne Lous, Manfred Mark, Hanns-Christoph Nägerl, Sandro Stringari, Arno Trautmann
When: Jul. 8 2019 09:00
Where: IQOQI / ICT

Our Introductory Course from 08–10 July 2019 will give a basic introduction into the fascinating research field of cold atoms and ultracold quantum gases, which offers many exciting opportunities for young researchers. The course is addressed to students early in their master’s program and is also suitable for students just finishing their bachelor’s degree and first-year PhD students who have recently joined the field. Specialized knowledge in the field is not required; students should have a basic knowledge of quantum physics and atomic, molecular, and optical physics at the undergraduate level.

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