Unconventional quantum optics in topological waveguide QED


Speaker: Miguel Bello Gamboa
When: Mar. 2 2020 14:00
Where: Erwin Schrödinger Saal, Innsbruck

In the race to find the next big technological application of quantum physics, quantum emitters coupled to photonic crystals seems a promising platform with many potential applications [1]. In particular, they can be used to simulate spin Hamiltonians whose interactions can be tailored by tuning the geometry of the photonic crystals or the level structure of the emitters. In this talk I will review a recent work [2] where we investigate the physics emerging when quantum emitters interact with a topological 1D photonic crystal, namely a photonic analogue of the SSH model. We will see that the topology of the crystal affects the effective dipole-dipole interactions produced between the emitters, and also the single-photon scattering. Last, we explore the many-body phases that emerge when many emitters interact with the SSH photonic bath. [1] D. E. Chang, J. S. Douglas, A. González-Tudela, C.-L. Hung, and H. J. Kimble. "Colloquium: Quantum matter built from nanoscopic lattices of atoms and photons". Rev. Mod. Phys. 90, 031002 (2018) [2] M. Bello, G. Platero, J. I. Cirac, and A. González-Tudela. "Unconventional quantum optics in topological waveguide QED". Sci. Adv. 5, eaaw0297 (2019).

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