Image: As a ‘quantum pendulum’ the ions swing in both directions at the same time. (Illustration: IQOQI/Knabl)

[2013-07-08] A team of quantum physicists in Innsbruck led by Christian Roos and Cornelius Hempel have realised an extremely sensitive method for the spectroscopy of atomic and molecular atoms. This technique can be used to closely study a number of particles. The scientists have published their findings in the journal Nature Photonics.

Image: Humboldt-Foundation

[2013-07-01] Quantum physicist Rainer Blatt receives the 60,000 Euro endowed Humboldt Research Award. With this award the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation recognizes internationally renowned scientists for their outstanding research work. The award is linked to a research tour in Germany.

Image: Gerhard Kirchmair (IQOQI/Knabl)

[2013-06-17] The quantum physicists in Innsbruck welcome an addition to their team: Gerhard Kirchmair – a young aspiring physicist who brings a new technology to the Tyrol. The young scientist will investigate quantum mechanical phenomena by using superconducting circuits to build hybrid architectures for quantum information processing.

Image: IQOQI/Harald Ritsch

[2013-05-20] Innsbruck physicists led by Rainer Blatt and Peter Zoller experimentally gained a deep insight into the nature of quantum mechanical phase transitions. They are the first scientists that simulated the competition between two rival dynamical processes at a novel type of transition between two quantum mechanical orders. They have published the results of their work in the journal Nature Physics.

Image: IQOQI/Harald Ritsch

[2013-05-16] Second sound is a quantum mechanical phenomenon, which has been observed only in superfluid helium. Physicists from the University of Innsbruck, Austria, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Trento and the National Research Council of Italy, have now proven the propagation of such a temperature wave in a quantum gas. The scientists have published their historic findings in the journal Nature.

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