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Thomson Reuters media corporation has published a list of scientists who are the most frequently cited by their fellow researchers. Among the scientists that earned this distinction are quantum physicists Rainer Blatt, Rudolf Grimm, Christian Roos and Peter Zoller from Innsbruck

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At the 65th annual meeting of the Max Planck Society in June 2014 Peter Zoller has been elected as an “External Scientific Member” at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics. He has been nominated by Professor Ignacio Cirac, Director at MPQ and head of the Theory Division.

Foto: C. Lackner

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Illustration: IQOQI

Quasiparticles can be used to explain physical phenomena in solid bodies even though they are not actual physical particles. Physicists in Innsbruck have now realized quasiparticles in a quantum system and observed quantum mechanical entanglement propagation in a many-body system. The researchers have published their work in Nature.

Illustration: IQOQI

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Scientists from Yale University and quantum physicist Gerhard Kichmair have demonstrated the ability to track real quantum errors as they occur, a major step in the development of reliable quantum computers. They report their results in the journal Nature.

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The importance of artificial intelligence has been increasing in many areas. A team of researchers led by Hans Briegel has now shown that quantum physics may help artificial intelligence agents to speed up decision making processes that are based on previous experience. This also provides a quadratic speed-up for active learning in situations where the agent actively explores its environment. The physicists have published their results in the journal Physical Review X.


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