Publications Mahmood I. HUSSAIN



  • M. I. Hussain, D. Heinrich, M. Guevara-Bertsch, E. Torrontegui, J. J. Garcia-Ripoll, C. F. Roos, R. Blatt Ultraviolet Laser Pulses with Multigigahertz Repetition Rate and Multiwatt Average Power for Fast Trapped-Ion Entanglement Operations Phys. Rev. Applied 15, 24054 (2021). (ID: 720517)



  • E. Torrontegui, D. Heinrich, M. I. Hussain, R. Blatt, J. J. Garcia-Ripoll Ultra-fast two-qubit ion gate using sequences of resonant pulses New J. Phys. 22, 103024 (2020). (ID: 720513)

Seminar Talks

  • M. I. Hussain Engineering ultrafast frequency comb for fast entanglement generation in trapped calcium atomic ions ( National University of Science and Technology) , (2020). (ID: 720601)
  • M. I. Hussain Trapped-ion ultrafast entangling gate source (Lahore University of Management Sciences) , (2020). (ID: 720600)



  • D. Heinrich, M. Guggemos, M. Guevara-Bertsch, M. I. Hussain, C. F. Roos, R. Blatt Ultrafast coherent excitation of a Ca+ ion New J. Phys. 21, 83025 (2019). (ID: 720108)

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