Publications Thomas BLAND



  • T. Bland, Elena Poli, Luis A. Peña Ardila, Luis Santos, F. Ferlaino, R. N. Bisset Domain supersolids in binary dipolar condensates arXiv:2203.11119 (ID: 720839)


  • Lauritz Klaus, Thomas Bland, Elena Poli, Claudia Politi, Giacomo Lamporesi, Eva Casotti, R. N. Bisset, Manfred J. Mark, Francesca Ferlaino Observation of vortices and vortex stripes in a dipolar condensate Nature Phys. , (2022). (ID: 720846)
  • G. Natale, T. Bland, Simon Gschwendtner, Louis Lafforgue, Daniel S. Grün, A. Patscheider, Manfred J. Mark, F. Ferlaino Bloch oscillations and matter-wave localization of a dipolar quantum gas in a one-dimensional lattice Communications Physics 5, 227 (2022). (ID: 720840)
  • M. Norcia, E. Poli, C. Politi, L. Klaus, T. Bland, M. J. Mark, L. Santos, R. N. Bisset, F. Ferlaino Can angular oscillations probe superfluidity in dipolar supersolids? Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 40403 (2022). (ID: 720697)
  • T. Bland, E. Poli, C. Politi, L. Klaus, M. Norcia, F. Ferlaino, L. Santos, R. N. Bisset Two-Dimensional Supersolid Formation in Dipolar Condensates Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 195302 (2022). (ID: 720678)



  • E. Poli, T. Bland, C. Politi, L. Klaus, M. Norcia, F. Ferlaino, R. N. Bisset, L. Santos Maintaining supersolidity in one and two dimensions Phys. Rev. A 104, 63307 (2021). (ID: 720729)

Invited Talk

  • T. Bland Two dimensional supersolidity in a circular trap UKFluids Network (Online) URL , (2021). (ID: 720768)


  • T. Bland Controlled persistent current transport between toroidal quantum gases Atomtronics@AbuDhabi2021 (Online, 2021-05-31) URL , (2021). (ID: 720765)


  • T. Bland Formation of a two-dimensional supersolid Interdisciplinary Workshop on Supersolidity (Trento, 2021-09-20) URL , (2021). (ID: 720764)
  • T. Bland Two dimensional supersolidity in a circular trap QuAMP 2021 (Online, 2021-08-31) URL , (2021). (ID: 720767)
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