Publications Athreya SHANKAR



  • Athreya Shankar, E. A. Yuzbashyan, V. Gurarie, Peter Zoller, J. J. Bollinger, A M. Rey Simulating dynamical phases of chiral p+ip superconductors with a trapped ion magnet arXiv:2204.05671 (ID: 720833)



  • Chen Tang, Athreya Shankar, Dominic Meiser, Daniel H. Dubin, J. J. Bollinger, Scott E. Parker Equilibration of the planar modes of ultracold two-dimensional ion crystals in a Penning trap Phys. Rev. A 104, 23325 (2021). (ID: 720812)
  • Athreya Shankar, j. T. Reilly, S. B. Jäger, Murray J. Holland Subradiant-to-Subradiant Phase Transition in the Bad Cavity Laser Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 73603 (2021). (ID: 720811)
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