Here is a list of topics we are interested in:

  • Nanomagnetism
    • Controlling levitated nanomagnets in the quantum regime
    • Stability analysis of magnetically levitated nanomagnets
    • Quantum magnonics
    • Artificial spin systems
    • Magnetic non-reciprocity
  • Nanooptics
    • Trapped neutral atoms near optical fibers
    • Waveguide-mediated long-distance coupling of quantum emitters
    • Far-field nanoscopy
    • Brillouin scattering in dielectric nanospheres
    • New schemes for cooling dielectric nanospheres
  • Nanophononics
    • Quantum acoustics in mesoscopic systems
    • Phononic waveguide-based platforms for quantum technologies
  • Nanophysics
    • Microscopic modelling of radiative heat exchange in nanoobjects
    • Thermalization of levitated nano objects in high vacuum
  • Metrology
    • Inertial and force sensing with levitated particles
    • Quantum magnonics for magnetometry
    • Quantum state estimation via continuous time quantum measurements

See link for the list of publications.

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