Publications Superconducting quantum circuits



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Diploma Theses

  • S. Wögerer Fabrication of Superconducting Quantum Bits URL (ID: 720800)
  • D. Atanasova Fabrication and Characterization of a Dimer Josephson Junction Array Amplifier URL (ID: 720801)


  • C. Schneider Magnetic coupling between superconducting circuits and a cantilever URL (ID: 720803)
  • O. Gargiulo Towards analog quantum simulation with superconducting 3D transmons URL (ID: 720802)



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Diploma Thesis

  • A. Borgognoni Mode temperature analysis of a readout resonator URL (ID: 720589)


  • P. R. Muppalla Josephson junction array resonators in the Mesoscopic regime: Design, Characterization and Application URL (ID: 720588)





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