Christina Kraus

[2013-12-19] The search for Majorana fermions started some time ago and also quantum physicists are now making suggestions for finding the exotic quasi-particles. Junior scientist Christina Kraus and her colleagues have presented two new concepts to proof and potentially use Majorana fermions.

Image: IQOQI

[2013-12-13] Today Physics World, the journal of the British Institute of Physics (IOP), has published a list of the ten most important success stories in physics in 2013. One of the accomplishments on the list is the creation of the world’s first Bose-Einstein condensate cooled using just laser cooling, realized by experimental physicist Florian Schreck and his colleagues at the IQOQI in Innsbruck, Austria.

Image: istockphoto.com

[2013-12-12] The sciences and the humanities look at the world from different perspectives. Now philosophers and physicists from Innsbruck, Austria, and Constance, Germany, will study the fundamentals of human actions together and hope to find new approaches for developing artificial intelligence. They are supported by the American Templeton Foundation with over one million Euro.

Image: Simon Stellmer & Philipp Schindler

[2013-12-09] The IQOQI Dissertation Prize will be awarded for the first time this year to the experimental physicists Philipp Schindler and Simon Stellmer for outstanding achievements. The official ceremony will take place in March

Image: Philipp Hauke

[2013-12-05] The Václav Votruba Prize is awarded annually by the Doppler Institute at the Technical University in Prague to the author of the best doctoral thesis in theoretical physics. This year Philipp Hauke, member of Peter Zollers research group, has been granted a Honourable Mention by the jury awarding the main prize.