Rick van Bijnen, Christine Maier and Christian Kokail

With a quantum coprocessor in the cloud, physicists from Innsbruck, Austria, open the door to the simulation of previously unsolvable problems in chemistry, materials research or high-energy physics. The research groups led by Rainer Blatt and Peter Zoller report in the journal Nature how they simulated particle physics phenomena on 20 quantum bits and how the quantum simulator self-verified the result for the first time.

Peter Zoller

Today in Boulder, USA, the quantum physicist Peter Zoller is awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Colorado in recognition of his pioneering work in physics and his enduring association with CU Boulder. Zoller was Professor at the University of Colorado for four years and Fellow at JILA before being appointed to the University of Innsbruck.

Peter Zoller and Rainer Blatt

Rainer Blatt and Peter Zoller are awarded the Micius Prize, which is presented for the first time this year. With Anton Zeilinger, Ignacio Cirac and Jian-Wei Pan, three other researchers who previously worked in Innsbruck will be awarded the prize.

Rainer Blatt

Quantum physicist Rainer Blatt has been elected foreign associate of the American National Academy of Sciences. This honour has so far only been conferred on very few Austrian scientists. With Rainer Blatt and Peter Zoller, two physicists from Innsbruck are now represented in this renowned institution.

Several tens of thousands of particles spontaneously organize in a self-determined crystalline structure while sharing the same macroscopic wavefunction - hallmarks of supersolidity.

Researchers led by Francesca Ferlaino from the University of Innsbruck and the Austrian Academy of Sciences report in Physical Review X on the observation of supersolid behavior in dipolar quantum gases of erbium and dysprosium. In the dysprosium gas these properties are unprecedentedly long-lived. This sets the stage for future investigations into the nature of this exotic phase of matter.

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