Leading scientists and scholars from abroad are regularly guests at the IQOQI. During their time in Innsbruck, Visiting Fellows give talks, discuss their work with other researchers, and work on joint projects with them. They engage in theoretical and experimental basic research in the areas of quantum optics and quantum information science and enjoy a vivid atmosphere at the institute and the spectacular surroundings in the heart of the Alps.

since 2019

Juan José García-Ripoll

"Innsbruck has been a constant source of scientific inspiration throughout my academic career. It is always exciting to return to IQOQI, an international reference center with an amazing team of scientists working at the frontier of quantum technologies. From theory to experiments, from atoms to mesoscopic quantum systems, the institute offers an incredible variety of topics and experts to discuss with, stimulate your curiosity and help you grow scientifically. I am deeply honored by the position as IQOQI visiting fellow, and grateful for the opportunity to enjoy this scientific environment and modestly contribute to it." Prof. Dr. Juan José García-Ripoll - Instituto de Fisica Fundamental - Spanish National Research Council | CSIC

since 2017

Blair Blakie

"IQOQI is a world leading institution for fundamental quantum science research. In my specialist area of ultra-cold atomic physics the experimental and theoretical contributions made by IQOQI scientists are outstanding, and the breadth of activities and expertise makes for a rich and vibrant research environment. Time spent at IQOQI inevitably leads to many new ideas.

The IQOQI scientists and support staff have established a friendly and pleasant Institue for visitors to work in, complemented by peaceful life outside of the institute in the beautiful and historic city of Innsbruck. I am overjoyed with the honour of being made an IQOQI Visiting Fellow, and lookforward to a continued and productive relationship with the extraodinary people at IQOQI." Prof. Dr. Blair Blakie - Department of Physics - University of Otago

since 2016

Crispin Gardiner

"The position of Visiting Fellow at IQOQI provides the ideal framework for my ongoing collaboration with Peter Zoller and his research group; a collaboration which first began over 30 years ago, and at the moment is focused on the completion of our trilogy of books, "The Quantum World of Ultra-Cold Atoms and Light".

Since its foundation in 2004, IQOQI has become one of the principal world centres for quantum optics and ultra-cold atoms---an ideal place for a person such as myself to visit, write and do research, in a city which I regard as my second home, and in an environment where I regularly meet scientists from all over the world" Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Crispin Gardiner - Department of Physics - University of Otago

since 2015

Jook Walraven

"I like the environment at IQOQI. It sets high professional standards and creates the conditions to deepen our understanding of physics. The institute offers a rare entanglement of theory and experiment with a steady stream of high visibility results. This is simply ideal for an emeritus who has the freedom to travel and likes to interact with the new generation of quantum physicists in a setting of the great outdoors."Prof. Dr. Jook Walraven - Emeritus Professor of Physics - University of Amsterdam - Science Park 904, 1098 XH Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Simone Montangero

"At IQOQI I have always spent thrilling time in scientific activities and enlightening discussions. Most of all, I enjoyed discussing with its members, people used to thinking about problems from different perspectives, with attitudes ranging from the experimentalist’s to the theoretician’s. The live atmosphere of the Institute, the very friendly city, and the astonishing surroundings create a unique mix that prepares the mind for the most demanding challenges.
I am delighted with the opportunity to be an IQOQI visiting fellow as I think such experience would  strongly inspire every scientist at any stage of his career."Prof. Dr. Simone Montagero - Institute for Complex Quantum Systems - Ulm University