Credit: Harald Ritsch

Quantum matter can be solid and fluid at the same time – a situation known as supersolidity. Researchers led by Francesca Ferlaino have now created for the first time this fascinating property along two dimensions. They now report in the journal Nature on the realization of supersolidity along two axes of an ultracold quantum gas. The experiment offers many possibilities for further investigation of this exotic state of matter.

Illustration: Marc Montagut

Only recently researchers have levitated and cooled nanoparticles into the quantum regime. An Austrian research team led by Oriol Romero-Isart now proposes a way to harness the quantum properties of such particles before they lose them due to decoherence. To this end, the wave function of the particle is repeatedly expanded and compressed in a loop.

Illustration: Harald Ritsch

Researchers led by Peter Zoller have developed a method to make previously hardly accessible properties in quantum systems measurable. The new method for determining the quantum state in quantum simulators reduces the number of necessary measurements and makes work with quantum simulators much more efficient.

Credit: Martin Vandory

In recognition of her outstanding achievements, Francesca Ferlaino was elected a Corresponding Member of the Mathematical and Natural Sciences Class of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Photo: Franz Oss

Quantum physicist Rudolf Grimm has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant. This is the most highly endowed grant awarded by the European Research Council. The distinguished scientist and his team will receive around 2.5 million euros over the next five years for their research into novel superfluids.

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