Der Medienkonzern Thomson Reuters hat heuer wieder eine Liste der meistzitierten Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler erstellt. Drei davon forschen am Institut für Quantenoptik und Quanteninformation (IQOQI) in Innsbruck: Rainer Blatt, Rudolf Grimm und Peter Zoller.

Preisträger Wolfgang Lechner (re.) mit Wallnöfer-Stiftungspräsident Oswald Mayr und Sparkassen-Siftungspräsident Karl Franz Pichler (li.) (Foto: IV-Tirol)

Der Theoretiker Wolfgang Lechner erhielt heute für die von ihm gemeinsam mit Peter Zoller und Philipp Hauke entwickelte neue Architektur eines Quantencomputers den diesjährigen Eduard-Wallnöfer-Preis für Forschungs- und Studienprojekte.

Francesca Ferlaino

Physicist Francesca Ferlaino was awarded the Ignaz L Lieben Prize for outstanding research achievements in quantum physics, particularly in the field of ultracold quantum gases. This is the oldest and one of the most highly renowned awards granted by the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Philipp Hauke, Wolfgang Lechner, and Peter Zoller (Photo: Knabl)

Theoretical physicists in Innsbruck have proposed a scalable quantum computer architecture. The new model, developed by Wolfgang Lechner, Philipp Hauke and Peter Zoller, overcomes fundamental limitations of programmability in current approaches that aim at solving real-world general optimization problems by exploiting quantum mechanics.


Researchers in Florence and Innsbruck have simulated a physical phenomenon in an atomic quantum gas that can also be observed at the edge of some condensed matter systems: chiral currents. The scientists have published the experiment, which will open new doors for the study of exotic states in condensed matter, in the journal Science.

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