Quantum noise effects and quantum coherence in synchronization


Speaker: Talitha Weiß
When: Oct. 10 2017 14:00
Where: Erwin Schrödinger Saal.

Synchronization is a universal phenomenon that appears in various nonlinear systems both in nature and technology. Recent experimental progress naturally raises questions about synchronization in the quantum regime. In this talk, I first want to discuss the effects of (quantum) noise on the synchronization of two optomechanical systems. In particular, I will analyze the different synchronization regimes and show the appearance of noise-induced transitions. Moreover, I present an analysis of the quantum-to-classical crossover which reveals the existence of noise-induced bistability. In addition to these (quantum) noise effects, I will show that in synchronization dynamics even a quantum-coherent regime exists. This study is based on the quantum Van der Pol oscillator model, a paradigmatic model for limit-cycle oscillators and therefore synchronization in general. I will identify a regime where the dephasing rate becomes sufficiently small, such that genuine quantum features (like negative Wigner densities) can be preserved for many oscillations of the system. This regime is characterized within an effective model and is confirmed by numerical simulations.

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