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Experimental physicist Alexander Patscheider from Francesca Ferlaino's research group received one of this year's Hypo Tirol Prizes. Hypo Tirol Bank honored eight outstanding theses from six faculties at the University of Innsbruck with the 2023 Dissertation Award.

At the end of May, the festive award ceremony for eight winners of the Hypo Tirol Bank AG Dissertation Award took place at the headquarters of Hypo Tirol Bank in Innsbruck. Graduates of the University of Innsbruck who had completed their dissertation in 2022 and received an outstanding evaluation were eligible to apply for the prize. Vice-Rector for Research, Gregor Weihs, and Hans-Peter Hörtnagl, Board Member of the Hypo Tirol Bank AG, congratulated the award-winning researchers and presented the prizes, each endowed with 2,000 euros. From migration to signs for earthquake in Tyrolean lakes and the further development of 3D printing with molybdenum to a consideration of international arbitration jurisdiction, the dissertations covered a diverse range of areas and topics.

Alexander Patscheider was honored for his dissertation, "Controlling and Understanding of Dipolar Quantum Gases of Erbium Atoms." In his work, he presents advances in understanding many-body behavior and improving the control of atomic quantum gases based on the unique properties of lanthanides. In these, the magnetic interaction is a factor > 100 larger than in alkali atoms and many times larger than in transition metals. The interaction between short-range interaction of contacts and long-range dipole-dipole interaction allows quantum simulation of a large number of phases of matter or even the generation of phases that have no counterpart in other systems. Currently, Alexander Pitscheider works as a Quantum Network Engineer at the Canada-based quantum technology company Photonic Inc.