The data company Clarivate today published its annually updated list of the most highly cited researchers. This year, two members of the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI), Rainer Blatt and Peter Zoller, are among the “Highly Cited Researchers”.

Illustration: Ella Maru Studio

A team led by three-time ERC laureate Francesca Ferlaino has established a new method to observe vortices in dipolar quantum gases. These quantum vortices are considered a strong indication of superfluidity, the frictionless flow of a quantum gas, and have now been experimentally detected for the first time in dipolar gases.

Jaqueline Godany - https://godany.com/ CC-BY 4.0

Anton Zeilinger, together with Alain Aspect and John Clauser, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics today. The three researchers are honored for their experiments with entangled photons. IQOQI Innsbruck heartily congratulates them!

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