Maximilian Zanner

Experimental physicist Maximilian Zanner from Gerhard Kirchmair's research group has been awarded the IQOQI Dissertation Prize 2022. Worth 1,000 euros, it has been awarded since 2013 as a recognition for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of quantum physics. We warmly congratulate Mr. Zanner on this success!

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Award winner Rainer Blatt

During the World of Photonics Congress in Munich, Rainer Blatt was presented with the Herbert Walther Prize 2023. He received the award for his outstanding contributions to quantum optics and quantum information as well as his leading role in advancing this research field.

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Foto: privat

Experimental physicist Alexander Patscheider from Francesca Ferlaino's research group received one of this year's Hypo Tirol Prizes. Hypo Tirol Bank honored eight outstanding theses from six faculties at the University of Innsbruck with the 2023 Dissertation Award.

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Illustration: Harald Ritsch

A quarter of a century ago, theoretical physicists at the University of Innsbruck made the first proposal on how to transmit quantum information via quantum repeaters over long distances which would open the door to the construction of a worldwide quantum information network. Now, a new generation of Innsbruck researchers has built a quantum repeater node for the standard wavelength of telecommunication networks and transmitted quantum information over tens of kilometers.

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Solids can be melted by heating, but in the quantum world it can also be the other way around: In a joint effort, an experimental team led by Francesca Ferlaino in Innsbruck, Austria, and a theoretical team led by Thomas Pohl in Aarhus, Denmark, show in Nature Communications how a quantum liquid forms supersolid structures by heating. The scientists obtained a first phase diagram for a supersolid at finite temperature.

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